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    Escalier intérieur et extérieur

    Interior and Exterior

    Building stairs is a specialized trade. Stairs have an important effect on the overall look of a house. Before assembling stairs, it is necessary to take many accurate measurements, and all pieces must be cut with a high degree of precision. There is much work to be done before beginning the assembling of the pieces that will form the stairs. It requires as much work as a large custom made piece of furniture, and one can’t improvise himself a staircase builder.

    Depending on its place and your expectations, the stairs can be standard or more personalized, that is, custom made. We will help you make the right choice regarding the species of wood, the necessity of risers, the addition of a guard, bannisters, newel post, etc. We will use our creative imagination to insure that your stairs will be a plus value for the personalized look of your house.

    Depending on the available space and your personal taste, you may among 4 types of stairs:

    1. The Straight Stairs Flight

      Rectangular stairs, one direction. Simple to design, classic, it can be adapted everywhere, and it is ideal for room with much circulation such as an entrance. The empty space under the flight of stairs can easily be transformed into storage space.

    1. Stair with Winding Quarter

      This esthetical stair takes less space. The first flight of stairs may face a hallway as would a straight stairs flight.

    1. Two-flight Stair

      It takes even less space on the floor as well as occupying a smaller volume. It can be installed between the walls of an entrance hall or a hallway.

    1. Spiral Stair

      Ideal for tight spaces. All stairs are built around a central column. Its main advantages: more light in the room since there are no risers, and a delicate look. This design saves much space.


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